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High Risk Business Loan

Business Financing: High Risk Business Loan

Need financing or a loan to purchase business supplies or equipment? Will $250,000 Help Your Business?

Apply NowA high risk business loan could be a good option for your business to secure the money you need to maintain and grow your business, especially if you have bad credit or weak sales. You might be surprised to learn that the approval process is long with strict requirements and a high interest rate. High risk businesses with bad credit can now qualify for up to $500,000 in working capital with out the long enduring process of a business loan!

A business cash advance is different than a traditional business loan. It is simple to qualify for with few requirements and many added benefits. The approval process can take less than 24 hours and all that is needed is a simple one page application along with 3 months bank statements and 4 months credit card processing statements. Even if your business has been labeled high risk you can still get approved for a business cash advance much faster than any traditional high risk business loan product.

A Business Cash Advance is an Alternative to a High Risk Business Loan and Much Better!

Business cash advances are based on your future credit card sales. You can usually qualify for as much as 5 times what your business is averaging per month in credit card sales. Unlike business loans; financial statements, tax returns, and personal guarantees are not required.

The biggest benefit to a business cash advance is the flexible payments. We take a small percentage of the daily credit card batches so when sales drop you pay less!

Stop thinking of your business as high risk. If you meet the following requirments you can qualify!

You process a minimum of $2,000 in credit and debit card sales per month

Your business is not a start-up

Your business operates in the United States

We have a 95% approval rate for businesses that meet this criteria for up to $500,000